Welcome to Believe Films. We are a Bangalore-based boutique production house, founded by filmmakers Prashant Varma and Vrinda Samartha. Over the years, we have produced a wide range of stylised content—from ad films, documentaries to animation shorts and video art to corporate films and web series. Styles and formats have never held us back. We are all for exploring and experimenting with different genres and new gigs!

Being niche and small, gives us the flexibility to adapt and evolve without compromising on creative standards.

We love it when our work hits the mark, captures the imagination of our audience and starts conversations. Like it did with our documentary, Limitless. This film on amateur women marathoners in India, won us critical acclaim across international film festivals and is now screening on Netflix worldwide.

It is our endeavour to find interesting stories to film and collaborate with talented artists perfect for each project. If you’d like to create something conceptual, creative or experimental; look no further. We’re the team for you



Director & Producer


Director & Producer



We offer end-to-end production services in any location across South India. We are highly equipped to pan out the logistics of a shoot—from finding the right crew to casting and location-scouting to renting equipment and mobilising everything on-ground. Plus, our creative panel comprises directors, executive producers and editors—which means we can handle the A to Z of production and deliver a top-notch final product/film.

We are also not constrained by the size of the project. Just get in touch with us, and we can help you with your entire production or team up for the creative processes according to your requirements.


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